First Annual Meeting of the FastTRACII project in Sussex, New Brunswick, November 2023

Annual meeting FastTRACII

Participants to the first Annual Meeting: from left to right: Shona Millican (NRED), Funda Ogut (CCFB/CWFC), Martin Perron (MRNF), Edouard Desaulniers (ULaval), Jean-Philippe Laverdière (CCFB/CWFC), André Soro (ULaval), Jesse Milani (Lakehead Univ.), Iain Thompson (JD Irving), Francois Van Deventer (AtlanTIC), Patrick Lenz (CCFB/CWFC), Simon Nadeau (CCFB/CWFC), and on the screen, first row: Myriam Labrecque (ULaval), Nathalie Isabel (NRCan), Jean Beaulieu (ULaval), Ashley Thomson (Lakehead Univ.), and second row: Sébastien Gérardi (ULaval), Jean Bousquet (ULaval), Mathieu Beauchemin (GQ) and Simon Bockstette (NS DNRR).